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elcome to The Chadd Padd® - The industry’s premier, disposable, over-wing fueling mat that protects the aircraft's surface from hose and nozzle damage during refueling as well as catching any fuel overages that may occur at the same time. These unique and important safety features provide the dual-purpose functionality that saves the refueler the humbling experience of reluctant customer explanations or the costly hassle of HAZMAT clean up!

Each “Preferred Design” (standard issue) Chadd Padd® has two different sized, partially perforated punch-outs that are offset for fueling versatility.  This design also has two different colored “chadds” to help identify preferred use – the larger, black perf for Jet-A and the smaller, blue perf for Avgas. This unique, dual-quadrant layout gives the lineman / refueler countless options for Padd orientation when fueling compared to the old “hole-in-the-middle mats. The Chadd Padds® are even more versatile when they are used in conjunction with the Wind Chocks™ - which are a must in windy applications and give the Chadd Padd® the traditional “roll & fold” feel of the old rubber mats most are familiar with.

In addition to this, the Wind Chocks™ also provide an added safety cushion to the leading edge of the wing by helping to keep the filler hose and couplings elevated off of the wing altogether, thus providing further protection to the aircraft - especially those with sensitive leading edges like the King Air, Pilatus, & Seneca to name a few.


Rest assured, the partially perforated punch-outs or “hanging chadds” do not completely separate from the padd even after being fully executed (hence the name)!  This patent-pending design provides several important safety features when folded under during use as it provides for double the padding and absorption right at the base of the filler port where it is needed the most!  This unique feature will also protect against producing any ramp FOD (Foreign Objects / Debris) which is paramount in maintaining a safe operation!

The Chadd Padds® are anti-static treated and hydrophobic (repels water) which means they won’t disarm when fueling in the rain, snow, or on a dew-soaked wing - and contrary to the old rubber mats; the Chadd Padds® will not slip and slide around on a wet wing! Take the proactive approach to refueling safety instead of the reactive one! Pilots & aircraft owners deserve more than a gritty, dirty rubber mat!

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"Since I met you at the show in Dallas and purchased the Chadd Padd® we have had cleaner wings to say the least.  Our line guys really like the ease of using the Padds and the easy cleanup - virtually no mess.  Just roll up the pad & wipe across the cap - no fuel!  It does a great job on the wings with screens installed.  They are also fantastic on King Airs.  The line guys like them so much more then the standard wing mats. Great idea and product – they really do what they were designed to do."

- David Y.
Line Supervisor
Front Range Airport (KFTG)

“The Chadd Padds® are perfect for over-wing fueling as well as other petroleum uses like the adding of oil. Our line personnel have been putting them to the test for the last year and they have passed with flying colors (no pun intended). We have repeatedly used and abused them and there have been no negative issues including the inks with our custom logo design. They are very durable. Being at an airport next to the ocean, we see our share of strong winds. When the Chadd Padds are used with the Wind Chocks™, the wind is no longer an issue.  We have used them in winds over 20 knots that were reported to gust to 33 knots and experienced no problems what so ever. Rubber mats are a thing of the past - the Chadd Padd® is the future for general aviation servicing.” 

-Trevor B.
Line Service Manager
Daytona Beach Int'l Airport (KDAB)

The Chadd Padd® addresses 3 main points of concern with 1 unique approach!

Each Chadd Padd® provides the unique and unmatched performance to refueling safety -
  1. Clean, soft, & dry protection each & every time
  2. Accommodates both Avgas & Jet-A sized refueling ports
  3. Holds up to 11oz. of petroleum based liquids
  4. Static resistant & hydrophobic (repels water & floats)
  5. Still has the “roll & fold” feel of old-school fueling mats; only much better
  6. Extremely versatile, especially in conjunction with Wind Chocks™
  7. Disposable (in accordance with applicable regulations)
Put your own logo or art design on the Chadd Padd® and receive wholesale pricing -
  1. Increase your professional flight-line appearance 
  2. Sell for a profit along with your other pilot supplies 
  3. Give away to preferred customers for continued on-the-road exposure
  4. Printed with petroleum resistant inks 
  5. Fully customizable artwork & graphics
  6. Submit the expense of customized Chadd Padds® to your fuel supplier for the customary 50% discount through the co-op advertising program (fuel volume depending)
Each Chadd Padd® serves as a fueling mat as well as spill response -
  1. Made from the same material you are already buying and are required to have 
  2. Serves as proper spill containment for each truck, aircraft, or location they are kept 
  3. Ideal for FBOs, charter companies, aircraft owners, & pilots "on the road" 
  4. Adds to the total spill response capability of your master spill kit for each of your localized refueling operations
  5. A must for every pilot to keep on board – weighing just under 4 lbs ("Courtesy Fuel") and able to soak up 198 oz. of petroleum, the Chadd Padd® is cheap insurance for any fuel, oil, or hydraulic spill that may occur and of course, if a fuel mat is needed. Don’t just get spill pads – get THE aviation spill Padd! 

Why buy fuel mats AND spill response material when the Chadd Padd® fulfills BOTH needs at once for a fraction of the cost? Increase ramp safety; minimize risk; maximize your dollar!

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