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How does it work? The Chadd Padd® is a multifunctional fuel mat. The Padd has a duel purpose of protecting the surface of the aircraft being fueled and is primary for petroleum based fuel spill recovery. The Chadd Padd® only absorbs petroleum based fluids. The Padd has pre-perforated off-set holes that create hanging chadds once executed to allow for over-wing fuelings of 100LL and Jet-A or any other petroleum based liquids.

When should I use them? Anytime petroleum fluids are handled or are being added.

How many times can I “use” the Chadd Padd® before I should dispose of it? The Chadd Padds® are certified for a one-time use only when used as a fueling mat. However, a few of our users have reported to have used them several times as fueling mats at their own risk before disposing of them whenever no petroleum was spilled. When used as general spill responce, they can be used in whatever manner best fits the application.

How much fuel does each Padd hold? Each 15”x 20” Padd holds approximately 11 fluid ounces of petroleum (specific gravity depending).

How should I dispose of them? Chadd Padds® that have NO petroleum products on them or any other hazardous materials can usually be disposed of like normal trash. For Padds that do have or are suspected to have petroleum products or any other hazardous materials on them should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations. For FBOs or other commercial uses, the Padds should be disposed of in the common hazmat container (that all FBOs should already have in place to handle their used spill products) which is normally separate from other containers and picked up by a company who specializes in these types of materials. When the Padds are used for personal use and soiled with petroleum products or similar, most applicable laws will allow for normal disposal but you should always confirm the disposal laws of flammable / combustible materials that apply to the area or region that they are being disposed in.
NOTE: A select few of our competing vendors claim to sell similar absorbent pads, dispersants, emulsifiers, or other materials that "neutralize" hydrocarbon products, allowing them to be safely disposed of in regular trash with no harmful effects. The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) is unaware of any such material or chemistry which confirms this to be true as most substrate's (pads) take on the basic chemical make-up of the hydrocarbons (fuels) they are absorbing. In other words, there is no magic bullet for all spills the Padd may come in contact with.

Can the Chadd Padd® be used in windy conditions? Yes. The Chadd Padd® works perfectly in windy conditions when used in conjunction with the Wind Chocks™; and is rated for use in winds up to 20 knots. The Wind Chocks™ add weight, rigidity, form, and the common roll and fold feel most are used to.

Do you have to use Wind Chocks™? No, but as explained above, the Wind Chocks™ only enhance the performance and versatility of the Chadd Padd®.

Can they be used in the rain or snow? Yes. The Chadd Padds® are hydrophobic which means they repel water and float; they will only soak up petroleum based materials.

Do the Padds have a static charge or increase static electricity? No. They are treated with an anti-static coating and are static resistant. In fact they actually reduce the static electricity generated by normal over-wing refueling compared to using the old rubber mats or nothing at all.

What quantities / packaging do the Chadd Padds® come in? Chadd Padds® come on a roll of 18 Padds; each in their own dispenser box with a built in loader rail for easy Wind Chock™ "loading" – perfect to keep in each fuel truck or airplane for immediate on-the-ramp use! Think of them as a box of rags to the 10th power.

Are the Chadd Padds® customizable? Yes - you draw it or provide it and we can print it

How many colors do I have to choose from for my design? Hundreds - almost any color is available for printing.

How many colors can I use at once on my custom design? Up to six colors can be used at once but two is the most common number of colors used per design.

Will the inks bleed or run once exposed to petroleum? No. All inks used on the Chadd Padd® are petroleum resistant. Our special ink formulation allows for maximum color vibrancy and cost effectiveness, yet they will not bleed or run when exposed to jet fuel, avgas (100LL), Prist, hydraulic fluid, MEK, or even Skydrol.

How do I get started with customizing my own Chadd Padds®? Simply visit the “Customize” page of this web site or click here – it’s as simple as print, draw, and fax!

Can I use the Chadd Padds® for regular spill response material and every day use as well as for over-wing fueling mats? Yes. In fact the Padds also count for approved spill response material for each fuel truck, fuel farm, or location they're at as required by most local Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) units – Safety first!

How many boxes of Chadd Padds® should be kept in each fuel truck of an FBO operation? The best practice is to have at least one box per truck or fuel farm but two boxes is ideal. This way the localized spill requirements are being fulfilled at the same time the premium over-wing fuel mats are being used - more bang for your buck.

How do I know how many pairs of Wind Chocks™ to get? The rule of thumb is to have 1 set of Wind Chocks™ for every active fuel meter in service.

How many Padds should a private pilot keep on board? 1 & 1 – 1 box of Padds and one set of Wind Chocks™; this way the private pilot is ready for almost any situation that may come his or her way regarding petroleum. Fueling up, adding of oil, a little hydraulic leak, whatever the case may be; the Chadd Padds® are cheap insurance. Weighing just under 4 lbs for a full box of Padds and a pair Chocks – they won't put your aircraft or your wallet “over gross!”


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